Social Media Traffic Ads

Social Media Traffic Ads

Social Media Traffic Ads

Your business needs sales. And where do sales come from? From your audience of course! To draw in as many customers as possible, we run what are known as ‘Traffic Ads’ – these ads are promoted through Facebook, and their primary purpose is to attract as many clicks to your website as possible.

Running Traffic Ads are an effective and hard-hitting technique to introduce your services to thousands of new clients. They operate on a ‘cost-per-click’ basis, so the more attractive the ad, the cheaper and more effective the results they yield will be. We utilise a few tips and tricks to make the process more efficient. One way we do this is by tailoring the ads so that they attract the right audience. If you’re a London-based business selling iPhone cases for example, there’s no use in targeting OAP’s in Lithuania. We want the right people to interact with the ad, as this is a major element in their success and the impact on your sales figures!

Our typical client enjoys 5p to 10p per click (that’s a lot of new users [potential customers] for a suggested £200 a month advertising budget).

Overall, traffic ads a super effective way to promote your business and drive website traffic through the roof! But once they click on the ad, what will they see? If your website still has some scaffolding here and there, don’t worry; as we also offer a fantastic website building service too! Check it out here

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