Social Media Traffic Ads

Social Media Traffic Ads

Social Media Traffic Ads

What does the service include?

We’ll create and manage social media traffic ads for you for 30 days which run on Facebook and Instagram.

We use blog posts from your website as ‘promoted’ content, in order to drive social media users to your website via a link in the advert.

How will this service help you?

This service is a website traffic driving service (a high impact one) so it will drive new users to your website (Google Analytics will track this traffic as a default as ‘Social

All those extra eyeballs on your adverts typically means that Organic Search Traffic (people searching for you and finding your website) and Direct Traffic (people
typing in your website address into their browser) will go up too.

As ever, more new users to your website (who are your demographic) – mean more potential buyers on your site.

Typically we achieve 5p – 10p per click.

Other considerations

As these are brand awareness adverts – they have a mass appeal. Ads that promote your product and services as “buy me, buy me” tend to be wildly more expensive
and less successful.

In that vein, it’s important blog posts have mass appeal and are ‘click-able’ to your demographic. This activity is all about casting as wide a net as possible – knowing
that a small percentage of these new users will be keen to buy. The more users – the more customers you’ll have.

“5 reasons to use Sanity Marketing” would be a flop “5 ways to get a 10x ROI on your online advertising revealed” is much sexier.

What do you need for this service? (we can help)

  • A website – the very basic of all requirements
  • A Facebook page – we can’t do ads without them
  • Budget – we’d suggest a £200 a month budget, which should see 1,000 to 4,000 new users on your website
  • Facebook pixel set up – this way we can ‘track’ these new users and send them adverts later on (when they are ‘warmer’ leads)
  • Google Analytics set up – you want to be seeing all that new traffic and know what they are doing on your website
  • Blogs posts on a blog page – so we have content to promote

What other services would we recommend?

  • Newsletter sign-ups on your website (as a pop up and a big button at the top of your website) – that way you can keep talking to (and selling to) those new users
  • Newsletters – we’d suggest you send out fortnightly newsletters to your fans


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