Social Media Traffic Ads


We’ll create and manage social media traffic ads for you for 30 days which run on Facebook and/or Instagram.

We use blog posts from your website as ‘promoted’ content, in order to drive social media users to your website via a link in the advert. If you don’t have blogs or even a blog page on your website – we can help.

This is a Digital Marketing service.

This service will drive new users to your website (Google Analytics will track this traffic as a default as ‘Social Traffic’).

What’s the damage?

The total price for social media traffic ads per month is £45. We also require a budget – we suggest £200 per month.

How can this service help me?






Results Explained

Like the majority of our services, running traffic ads for 5 minutes with a small budget will not in itself bring in tons of cash. It will only make a meaningful impact on enquiries, leads and ultimately sales when running alongside a collection of other equally fabulous marketing activities. As ever, it’s all about the bigger picture. Here’s how the results will trickle in:

  1. More website traffic

    – the main goal of these ads are, you guessed it, generating website traffic! Google Analytics will track this traffic as ‘social traffic’. Generally, with tons of people also seeing the ads – organic traffic (people searching for you and finding your website) and direct traffic (people typing in your website address into their browser) will go up too. We use Google Analytics to present these results to you. If you don’t have Google Analytics – we can help!

  1. More key page views

    – more new users onto your website means that key page views (think your product / service pages, contact us, book now, offers etc) will go up. We use Google Analytics to present these results to you. If you don’t have Google Analytics – we can help!

  1. More enquiries

    – more interested new users onto your website means that there will be more calls to action being taken up (think emails and calls from the website, contact forms being filled in). We use Google Analytics to present these results to you. If you don’t have Google Analytics – we can help!

  1. More sales

    – as ever, more new users to your website (who are your demographic) – mean more potential buyers on your site.If you are an e-commerce business, we can use Google Analytics to present these results to you. If you don’t have Google Analytics – we can help!

The Process

  1. Set up- 

    We’ll get access to your Google Analytics. We’ll ensure you have completion goals set up (so we can track calls to action) or we’ll help you set them up. We’llcheck you have a blog page on your website and relevant blog posts that are well suited for these ads. We’ll assess your key pages / calls to action and work with you to ensure easy movement from blog posts to key pages / calls to action (via links and pop ups). This can include having a newsletter on your website (with a sign up box and pop up). If you don’t have this, we can help. We’ll ensure you have a Facebook Page or set one up for you (see our – Social Media Account – Set Up  service) and we’ll be added as admin. Optional – we’ll ask you to reassign / share your Facebook Pixel with us, or we can set one up for you (see our – Facebook Pixel Creation  service)

  1. Running- 

    We’ll start to run the ads using one or more blog posts to promote. We’ll stop and start ads according to their performance (we are looking to achieve the Results as mentioned on this page) and will tweak content (images / text) and the target audience for the ads as we go. We’ll also check your website page speed. This effort will be marked on your board so you’re aware of which ads are running.

  1. Reporting- 

    We’ll report to you as detailed on this page.


As with all our services, our efforts are reported in real time on your board.

In order for us to provide weekly updates on the performance of the ads, you’ll need Google Analytics (for recording website data) and goal completions set up. We can help if you need these added. 



Each week we’ll update your board (via a group called ‘Digital Marketing Update’) with the latest stats on how the ads have been performing during the last 7 days, last 14 days, last 30 days and since the beginning of the contract – with comparisons if possible.

We’ll report – sales (if possible), enquiries (if possible), new users, page views, pages per session, clicks from the ad(s) and cost per click.

Additional information

These ads will take users to the individual blog page – we’d then suggest an easy-to-navigate website, internal links and pop ups to take users to your key pages and to get them to sign up to your newsletter.

As these are brand awareness adverts – they have a mass appeal. Ads that promote your product(s) / service(s) as “buy me, buy me” tend to be wildly more expensive and less successful.


In that vein, it’s important blog posts have mass appeal and are ‘click-able’ to your demographic. A blog entitled “5 reasons to use Sanity Marketing” would be a flop whereas “5 ways to get a 10x ROI on your online advertising revealed” is much sexier.

This activity is all about casting as wide a net as possible, knowing that a small percentage of these new users will be keen to buy. The more users – the more customers you’ll have. For this reason, the bounce rates tend to be between 50-95% depending on the content of the blog / ad, how easy to navigate the website is, the efforts to get the users from blog posts to key pages (internal links, pop ups etc) and the audience we are targeting.


We currently don’t have a limit for how any ads we will run for you.


We run social media ads from our own ad accounts.


Unless otherwise notified, we will collect a £200 a month budget from you. This amount is VAT-able. For this, we typically would drive 2,000 to 4,000 new users a month to your website.


This budget is non-refundable and cannot be credited towards other services.


We aren’t liable for delayed or non-conforming performance due to changes made to standard terms, search criteria, advertising and viewing policy, prices and campaign offers or other matters beyond our control – this rarely happens but we want to make you are aware just in case!

Lead times

Usually 1-2 working days to set up (if we have everything we need from you).

Ads can take 24 hours or so to be reviewed by Facebook.

Service Type

This is a recurring service and will roll over to the following month unless 14-days’ notice is given before the next renewal date.

There is not a one-off version of this service.


A website (with a blog page), a Facebook Page (that we can be made admin of), blog posts, Google Analytics (with completion goals set up), a budget (we’d suggest £200 a month).

If you don’t have these requirements or don’t know what they are – we can help!

FAQs for Traffic Ads:

Not quite. Traffic ads are more about driving thousands of people (your ideal customers) to your website – this massively improves the opportunity for sales!

We recommend £200 as a starting budget for your ads. This will get you between 2k-4k new users per month for your website depending on how the ads perform. Most of our clients start with this budget then begin to increase it when they see the difference! That’s a lovely bit of traffic.

We tend to run our client’s ads week by week and evaluate the results to see how we could get those costs down or get you even more results. We’ll tweak the demographic or ad design every now and then to ensure that we’re always getting the best results possible. Our motto is ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’

We will work with you to establish your demographic – we use this as a meaningful way to bring potential customers to your website. Your targeted audience should be as broad as it possibly can be rather than very specific. This increases the opportunity to send that all-important traffic to your website!

We think so! It’s a great way to send potential customers from your demographic directly to your website. Doing business without advertising is like winking at girl in the dark… you know you’re doing it but no one else does.

We’ll keep you updated by giving you weekly stats on things like number of new users, page views and enquiries. These updates will be posted on to your board.

Your ad campaigns will be primarily run on Facebook but they can also appear on Instagram if this is connected to your Facebook page!

Sure. You could do all our services by yourself – but why would you when you have our expertise at hand? We’ve been creating successful ad campaigns for many years, for ourselves and hundreds of clients, plus, it’s only £150 a month!

A little example: Our ads have scored one of our dental clients nearly 4k new users per month since pressing ‘GO’ on their ads 12 months ago. That’s a lot of meaningful traffic.

Yes, you can pause at any time. We just need 2 weeks’ notice before our next renewal date.

In terms of traffic and page views, absolutely. In terms of sales… Rome wasn’t built in a day. Over a short period of time, you will begin to see results – or there’s no point in bloody doing it!