Social Media Writing & Posting


We’ll write and post your social media content.

For this service we will write 5 posts per week (to be posted Monday-Friday) which will be identical across all the social media accounts you have chosen – either using your images, stock images or graphics (which we can design for you as a separate, chargeable service).

We support posting for the following platforms: Facebook, Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. You can choose 3 of these and add additional accounts if needed for an extra cost.

This is a great service to ensure that regular, professional posts are going out.

What’s the damage?

5 posts across 3 platforms = £99 for two weeks (including VAT)

How can this service help me?

Credibility, Brand Awareness and Vanity.

Results Explained

This service is very much a ‘background’ marketing activity and tends to not wildly help you achieve any tangible marketing goals – it’s a way to get out there (people tend to look at your socials before they commit to spending any money – and you want to look the part), it helps you show off what you’re doing, it’s a direct link to your audience and there’s a little SEO benefit. 

This is more of a ‘doing’ service than a ‘results’ service – it takes the activity from your to do list and helps you present a professional front to the world.

For this reason, we don’t present any ‘results’ to you.

For a big splashInfluencer Endorsements will help (website traffic, page views, enquiries, sales, followers, engagement).

The Process


Getting Started

The first step is to come up with a general structure for your weekly posts by having a phone call with our Digital Marketing team – we’ll make suggestions for you. It could be that Mondays you want to post customer reviews or testimonials, Tuesdays you fancy posting about one of your products or services, Wednesdays you’ll share before and after results from a service, Thursdays you’ll promote offers / special deals and on Fridays you’ll advertise your latest blog post. It doesn’t have to be set in stone but it’s useful to have a general guide!

Once we know what we’ll be doing, we might suggest graphic options (such as creating a social media graphic template for you to use for quotes / offers or before and after photos).


Pitching Ideas and Writing Content

We’ll suggest what each post should say and which graphics / images should be used along with it. We’ll use your pre-approved structure, any relevant special days (holidays, national awareness days, etc.) and repurpose any articles or blog posts you already have as a basis for each week’s plan.

Once you’re happy or if we don’t hear from you, we’ll write up your weekly plan based on our suggestions and send it to you to approve.


Posting your Social Media

Once your content has been approved via your ContentCal account, we will schedule the posts across your chosen platforms.