Jordan Baker

The Big Cheese

A disillusioned Chief Of Staff for banks, young(er) Jordan wrote a regular blog on life in London, before being approached to write freelance articles for the likes of The Gay UK, The Gay Times, QX Magazine and the Mail Online during his spare time.

This was Jordan’s first exposure to PR (an abbreviation he originally thought meant Press Relations) and those people who claimed to work within it. They tended to be a shoddy bunch – acting haughty and ‘put out’ – slow at sending over the press releases and photo credits he needed to get their Clients copy – and generally disinterested

Inspired by Jordan’s creativity, and his keenness, some of the businesses he worked with on articles asked if he could help with their PR. After a little persuading, he agreed, knowing he had the contacts and the ‘out-of-the box’ thinking to really offer results to clients – the rest is history (and banking lost some sparkle).

Loves: Lola ‘Felicia’ his 4lb chihuahua, double espresso, sparkling water and Nico DiDonna.

Hates: Buying off the peg, nonsense and ugly shoes.

Georgia Smith

Business Development Manager

Georgia is a relic at Sanity Marketing, having worked at the company since its earliest days. She has a degree in history from The University of Sussex and throughout her studying, interned at various PR and publishing agencies.

Likes: Hot holidays, good food, going to the gym (most mornings at 6am – yes, she is also a little mad), and a crisp glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Dislikes: Bacon, bad teeth and men in ill-fitting suits.

Rianne Mason

Client Accounts Assistant

As Client Accounts Assistant Rianne is Georgia’s right-hand woman and helps to ensure everything runs smoothly! She has just graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Events Management with Tourism. Rianne has lived and worked in America (Both Florida & NY) for a year, as well as various other placements within the events industry.

Likes: Iced Coffee (the best drink ever), Sunbathing, my favourite Bobbi Brown Lipstick and Lemon Drop Martini’s.

Dislikes: The snow, rude people, not being able to choose an outfit (most mornings) and cats.

Dennis Relojo

Social Media Engagement

Prior to joining Sanity Marketing, Dennis managed the Social Media accounts of a university and a consultancy firm. He manages Psychreg, an online resource in psychology, mental health and well-being. He holds a master’s degree in psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, and his interest lies in the intersection of psychology and blogging. A perpetual traveller (and former travel blogger). He has lived in 5 countries.

Likes: biographies and true-crime stories, holidays, Desert Island Discs, theatre, stand-up comedy

Dislikes: broken promises, coffee and alcohol, political correctness, sci-fi films

Theo Grace

Videographer, Photographer & Graphic Design

Theo is our creative jack of all trades, and a master of all of them. He sees the world in colours, lighting and sound.

He is a videography whiz and his camera is never far from his side (we think he even takes it into the shower). He’s worked with big brands like Beats by Dre and Ray Ban.

He’s also a genius editor (he can even make Josh look good in videos) and a graphic design creative.

What can’t he do? Well he can’t do a backflip …

Likes Rianne, Apple products and travelling to far off lands.

Hates Lola sitting on his laptop, people who walk slowly, wearing trousers in the summer and malfunctioning hard drives.

Sana Mansoor

Client Accounts Assistant

As a Client Accounts Assistant, Sana is a support to Jordan, the team and client communications on a daily basis. She has graduated with a degree in Business from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Canada. She recently moved to London from Toronto and has a diverse background in sales, ecommerce and marketing communications (in Canada and Switzerland).

Likes: Cappuccinos, Online Shopping, Travelling & Rainy Days

Dislikes:  Aggressive people, horror movies and loud vehicles (including sports cars zooming by at warp speed)

Hasan Beyaz

Client Accounts Assistant

Hasan graduated from Roehampton University with a 2:1 in English Literature and comes from an editorial background. He has published interviews with major artists on his music website as well as freelanced with outlets like Noisey, EUPHORIA Magazine and TheTalko.

Likes: female musicians (especially Ariana Grande), Korean food, Metro’s Rush Hour Crush column and his mum.

Dislikes: lazy people, running late, hot weather (unless he’s by a pool with a mojito…) and mess.

Jamie Sommerville

Digital Marketing Administrator

Jamie graduated from West London University with a 2:1 in Music Management. He has worked in social media with artists such as Clean Bandit, Mika and Years & Years. He has worked in music press/PR and has been a journalist, working with the BBC and Community Channel.

Likes: Japanese food, dogs, festivals, horror films, travelling, fashion, the gym and cocktails!

Dislikes: Not being on the guest list, beer, overpacked tubes and spiders.