Jordan Baker

The Big Cheese

A disillusioned Chief Of Staff for banks, young(er) Jordan wrote a regular blog on life in London, before being approached to write freelance articles for the likes of The Gay UK, The Gay Times, QX Magazine and the Mail Online during his spare time.

This was Jordan’s first exposure to PR (an abbreviation he originally thought meant Press Relations) and those people who claimed to work within it. They tended to be a shoddy bunch – acting haughty and ‘put out’ – slow at sending over the press releases and photo credits he needed to get their Clients copy – and generally disinterested

Inspired by Jordan’s creativity, and his keenness, some of the businesses he worked with on articles asked if he could help with their PR. After a little persuading, he agreed, knowing he had the contacts and the ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking to really offer results to clients – the rest is history (and banking lost some sparkle).

Loves: Lola ‘Felicia’ his 4lb chihuahua, double espresso, sparkling water and Nico DiDonna.

Hates: Buying off the peg, nonsense and ugly shoes.

Georgia Smith

Head of Operations

Georgia is a relic at Sanity Marketing, having worked at the company since its earliest days. She’s experienced every level in the company and worked her way up. There’s nothing she doesn’t know, and works to her fullest to motivate her staff and achieve maximum results for her clients.

Likes: Hot holidays, good food, going to the gym (most mornings at 6am – yes, she is also a little mad), and a crisp glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.

Dislikes: Bacon, bad teeth and men in ill-fitting suits.


Olivia Evans

Business Development Manager

Olivia graduated from the University of Sussex with a First in Sociology. Before working at Sanity Marketing, she worked for a global food start-up managing 15 sales people across strategic customer-relation management projects.

Likes: espresso martinis, Le Labo perfume and Greek beaches.

Dislikes: loud eaters, moths and people who wear crocs.

Hasan Beyaz

Client Manager

Hasan graduated from Roehampton University with a 2:1 in English Literature and comes from an editorial background. He has published interviews with major artists on his music website as well as freelanced with outlets like Noisey, EUPHORIA Magazine and TheTalko.

Likes: female musicians (especially Ariana Grande), Korean food, Metro’s Rush Hour Crush column and his mum.

Dislikes: lazy people, running late, hot weather (unless he’s by a pool with a mojito…) and mess.

Riley Gardiner

Head Of Content & Digital Marketing

Born in the heart of Canada, Riley is a key part of the Sanity Marketing team, ensuring high quality content is being distributed – whether it be press releases, blogs, newsletters, social media copy, photography, or graphic design.

When he isn’t planning and scheduling content – he’s lost in analytics – getting our clients bigger and better results week on week.

Likes: chai lattes, travel, Golden Retrievers, and Champagne (or any booze really!)

Dislikes: avocado, pickles, poor wifi service and being told there’s no more booze

Tyler Smith


Tyler, had an extraordinary upbringing living in the Falkland Islands, deprived from the internet and television till the age of 12. Now a Photo Journalism graduate living in the mean streets of East London, he’s making up for lost time by pursuing his passion of creating content and assisting in the management of digital marketing here at Sanity Marketing. In his spare time, Tyler enjoys taking pictures, testing out the best cappuccinos, drinking Guinness in cosy pubs around London and freaking people out with his weird eye trick! (Ask him to do it for you!)

Likes: Guinness, the outdoors, dogs, Emily, crème eggs and Long Island Ice Teas.

Dislikes: Lateness, cats and hangovers.

Emily Marler

Digital Marketing Assistant

Emily – a Hammersmith/Devon native – enjoys brisk walks along the Thames (at 300 steps-per-minute) and hanging out in train stations. Never come between her and thickly cut mango fingers, and always be on guard when mutually around a wine glass; which she has a tendency to launch. A chronically hard worker, and even harder enemy, Emily is your go-to-girl where writing reports and social media is concerned; when she thinks outside of the box, she’s a mile away from it.

Likes: Rosé, dogs, ski-ing, Tyler, tall people who help her reach things.

Dislikes: Michael Jackson, old potatoes (they really scare her – she “can’t deal with them”) and tall people who won’t help her reach things.

Xavier Lewinski

Junior Marketing Assistant

Xavier comes from Swindon, a town that no one seems to have heard of in London, despite being only 80 miles away. He has stemmed from a creative background, having studied Fashion Imaging and Illustration at the University of the Arts London. During his degree, he completed various internships at fashion publications as well as a modelling agency, which sparked his interest in PR and digital marketing.

Likes: An Aperol Spritz, digital illustrating, pugs and Lana Del Rey.

Dislikes: Snakes (both the reptile and the personality trait), tuna, slow walkers and awkward situations.

Rianne Mason

Client Accounts Assistant

Rianne graduated from Sheffield Hallam University with a degree in Events Management in 2017 and started at Sanity Marketing shortly thereafter.

Likes: Being on holiday, lemon drop martini’s and eating tapas.

Dislikes: The rain, spicy foods and people who invade her personal space on public transport.

Nathan Grace

Photographer & Videographer

Nathan graduated from the University of Brighton with a 2:1 in Graphic Design BA Hons. Before working at Sanity Marketing, he worked in a variety of different fields including a gig as a videographer for Twisted – creating commercial content for clients such as Heinz and Baileys, which was distributed to an audience of over 17 million followers on social media.

Likes: Photography, music, football, and sushi.

Dislikes: Marsipan, Disney, and aeroplanes.

James Price & Luke Reader

Graphic Design

Married to their work and soon to each other, James and Luke from Top-notch Designers are two entrepreneurs who specialise in Graphic Design for SME businesses. The duo have over ten years of experience working in the professional industry, creating beautiful designs for retail, PR, beauty and food companies.

Sanity Marketing have been working side-by-side with Top-notch Designers since 2018, producing stunning visual artwork for both print and digital. You can sample some of their design work here, or drop them a follow on the ‘gram by clicking here.

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