How to use

When working together in our Pay Per Results PR ‘Partnership’, is our holy grail.

Not only do we use it to keep organised, but it’s the easiest and most straightforward way of keeping you up to date!

This little guide will give you all the help you need to make sure that you are a fully-fledged whizz and can get updates in real-time for your PR services with us.

Trust us – it’s easy!

getting started


Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive a lovely email from our CEO, encouraging you to download the app on to your mobile device (for Apple and Android). Please don’t create a log in for – you’ll do that on your intro call with your Partnership Manager. You’ll also receive a text message to get your introductory call booked in with your Partnership Manager.


Before your call, we’ll get to work and create you your very own board.


During your introductory call, your Partnership Manager will invite you to your board, where you will be sent an email link to create an account and choose your own password. Next, they will walk you through how it all works – don’t worry, it’s easy! You’ll discuss everything from your Founder’s Story, to the goals you want to achieve for your business.


After your call, we will send you a little bit of homework to complete as soon as you can! This will include sharing a Google drive of any imagery/logos you want to use in any press or our social media posts.


downloading the app

Although we know downloading another app to your phone may be a pain, it’s the easiest way for us to communicate with you on the go. 

We recommend that you download the app (for free) on your mobile device as well as your desktop so you can access your board wherever you are! This will save you logging in to every time you need to access your board and means you can quickly respond to the team or ask us questions instantaneously. We want to ensure you are able to receive the opportunities we throw your way in the fastest way possible – like Greased Lightnin’. 

Download the links here:



your board - explained!

Board information

At the top of your board, you will find your business name, your website, start date, and those all-important (slightly boring) T’s & C’s. All guests and the team that are part of your project can be found at the top in ‘Guests & Subscribers’.

Chatting to us

This is where you can get a call booked in with your lovely Partnership Manager (by simply using the link) or receive an update by dropping us a message in the speech bubble. Your contact details will also be found here for when we give you a call. 

Useful info

This is where we will store all the useful information that we collect on your intro call, such as your USP and your Founder’s Story.

Goals / Plan

This is where we show the information about the goals you want to achieve with us so our team can refer to them.


This is where you will find all the pieces of press that you’ve had published! This will include publication, title and date.


If you have other brands under your wing, they’ll be found here alongside their one-liners.

Our PR Activities & PR Add-ons

You’ll find a breakdown of the various activities (Press Opportunities, Press Reviews and Topical Press Releases) plus any PR Add-ons that you’ve opted for. Each item will have a ‘status’ showing you our progress.

Onboarding (client)

This is where we will ask you for any images or other documents we may need for our PR efforts.


Our team will update you regularly through your board (we’ve got this!), however, if you have any burning questions or are wondering about an update, just use the ‘@’ sign and tag ‘All guests on this board’ to ask your question on one of the speech bubbles. A member of the team will get back to you ASAP!

As each member of the team has a different role, there are several points of contact for all of your PR and general client needs (check out our team here). This means you may need to get into contact with one of us specifically. Just use the ‘@’ sign and type the name of the member of our team you wish to talk to on a speech bubble on your board! It’s really that simple.

Our team are very busy bees and we cannot answer the phone at any given time – however, if you need to your Partnership Manager via phone call, feel free to arrange this via the board using the link provided in the ‘Chatting to us’ section.

Once you have accepted your invitation to join your board, you will receive a little bit of homework to give us access to some imagery and logos that you are happy for us to use. In the section ‘Onboarding (client) and Images (inc. logo(s))’, share with us a Google drive link of your images and make sure to call it your Business name.

On the right-hand-side of your board you will see a ‘Status’ column. This is where we update your board, so yourself and the team know where you are at with your different projects and services. The team are very good at updating the board, so you don’t have to worry about changing or updating the board in any way, shape or form. Just sit back and relax! is our main source of data exchange and allows you to get live updates in real time from yours truly. It’s a place where all members of our team and your team can be involved, see what’s going on and can access everything, anywhere, at any time. Everything you could possibly need in one place – what’s not to like? is the perfect place to store key information like this. Just let you Partnership Manager know what this key information is, and we’ll put in on your board for all to see! This key information will usually appear at the top of your board.

If a member of the team gives you an update or asks you a question via your board, you will receive an email/a notification on your app. Just click on the notification and this will take you to the correct spot on your board!