Tips for working with us

Tips for working with us

Tips for working with us

We really want you to be successful – not only will you stay with us forever, have extra cash to pay our invoices and tell all your mates about how fabulous we are (new clients for us!), but we’ll have an awesome case study to ‘shop’ to other potential clients. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

With that in mind – here are some tips for getting the most out of us (and the most bang for your buck):

1. Don’t get bogged down in the little details – don’t agonise over a hashtag when you have bigger fish to fry. Today’s world is all about mass, regular content. It’s better to just get it out there!

2. Be quick – we’ll be asking you to sign off things and the faster you do it – the faster we can (as above) get it out there – and get you those all-important results!

3. Be realistic / patient – we’re fast but we still work within the realms of time and space like everyone else. Results take time. If you’re not sure what results to expect and when – check out our product packs and T’s & C’s – or ask! Like our CEO says “I might be a fairy but I ain’t magic”.

4. Know that we care – we want results for you (especially as we have pay per result services) – we do care and it’s important to us that you get what you pay for – sales and exposure.

5. Know that we’re experts – we know what we’re doing (you’ve seen the case studies and soon you’ll see the results)! The first few months can be uncomfortable but eventually you’ll be super happy and glad you took the journey with us.

6. Be open – all (well most) publicity is good publicity – if it’s quick, easy and free then it’s worth doing!

7. Pay us on time – as a small business who pride themselves on charging low fees, we need to keep the cash coming in. With that in mind we ask that you pay invoices on time (we send them around 7 days before they are due as a heads up). If invoices aren’t paid on time then we have to put the account on hold (sorry, it’s not personal!)


What an exciting time for you to start your journey with us!

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