T'S & C'S

Terms & Conditions

We’re a friendly bunch of people, and we’re keen to get you those all-important results. With that in mind, we’ve drafted a few Terms and Conditions (T’s & C’s) – that way we all know what to expect and we can ‘get on with it’.

We aren’t lawyers – so we’ve just used plain English. Not sure about something? Just ask!


  • Services are provided by Lola Felicia Ltd (Company No. 12417335).
  • By working with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to the T’s & C’s, service pages and privacy policy. We consider the information on these pages to constitute as part of our T’s & C’s.
  • Our T’s & C’s can change at any point without notice.
  • We cannot guarantee sales or exposure for you (although we wish we could!)

Pay Per Results PR ‘Partnership’ 

General bits

  • We take a £250+VAT security deposit. This deposit stays on your account unless you leave us, after which it will be returned to you in full on your last day with us (minus any Pay Per Results PR fees you might owe). This may be delayed if there are any articles pending publication – in which case, that fee will be held (until any pending pieces don’t seem likely to come out) and the remainder returned to you.
  • You agree to be lovely and a joy to work with (we only want nice clients)!
  • We can cancel our partnership with you at any time (if we feel it isn’t working) and stop any work we are doing with you. We’ll then return any deposit held (if our T’s & C’s haven’t been broken) in accordance to our notice period.
  • If you break our T’s & C’s, you forgo the deposit. Additional fees may still be chargeable.
  • We can use you as a case study on (including but not limited to) our website, social media and newsletters. This includes use of your branding and any images.
  • Any work that we create for you, including but not limited to graphics and press releases, remains our property and cannot be used without our written permission.
Leaving the partnership
  • You can leave us at any time after the first month by booking in a call with your Account Manager and giving us 30 days’ notice (during this time it’s up to you if you want to accept any more opportunities from us or not – just let us know).
  • Once your notice period has ended with us, your deposit will be refunded to the card you paid on, minus any fees owing. It can take 5-10 days for the money to appear on your account (depending on your bank/card provider). If you have paid your deposit via bank transfer, you’ll need to provide your bank details to us when you give us your notice so we can return it to you (please allow 5 days for this bank payment to be processed).
Delivering Pay Per Results PR
  • You agree that you understand our way of working (our processes, our software, our low account management etc) and will follow it (see our Pay Per Results PRpage for more info).
  • Unlike your typical PR agency we aren’t responsible for your strategy, reputation or branding (and we don’t pretend to).
  • We use the project management software Monday.com (it comes as a free app too!) to keep track of our work on your account, talk to you and to keep you updated in real time. We ask that, where possible, you use this to chat to us (and you don’t move boxes around / change statuses – that’s our job (don’t have a dog and bark yourself!))
  • If you are inactive on your Monday.com board for 30 days or more we may class you as an ‘inactive client’ and put your account on hold. We will do this without notice (but we will have no doubt chased you quite a bit before this point). If you wish to leave us after your account has gone on hold then you will forgo any deposit we have on file for you.
  • We need one point of contact on our first call with you (intro call). We’d love to chat with several of you, but it isn’t conducive to getting you PR and that’s what we’re here for. Less chat, more press! We are always happy to do group calls after the first call though!
  • You understand that press releasesmay take up to 5 working days to write up – from the day you approve the idea to the day that we send you a first draft to check over. This excludes press releases with topical content which are usually sent out within hours. Edits typically take 1-2 working days to be done. Typically, we’ll send out a non-time sensitive press release within 2 weeks (depending on scheduling and press appetite) – something it’s much quicker (hours) and other times, a little longer. 
  • You understand that if you commit to a press opportunity and don’t follow through, we’ll charge you a fee of £250 (as we’ll have an upset journalist buddy to try and placate). We’ll consider this a rule break and may choose to offboard you from the partnershipif this happens.
  • You can’t work with another PR agency whilst you’re in our partnership. We’ll consider this a rule break and may choose to offboard you from the partnership. If you have worked with an agency historically, we’ll need to be made aware of any pending articles and/or ongoing journalist conversations, so we can discount from these also.
  • You agree to tell us in advance of all PR efforts that you are doing yourself, so we can discount them from our own efforts. If you don’t tell us, we’ll consider this a rule break and may offboard you from the partnership.
  • If a publication makes a mistake with your name in a print article, we’ll waiver the fee (that’s not fair on you). If it’s for an online article, it’s only chargeable if we can get it fixed within 10 days. If we can’t – it’s on us. For other mistakes, we’ll try and get them fixed but we can’t make guarantees and the article will still be chargeable.
  • The publication / journalist / editor has the ultimate say as to what makes the final cut for a published article – we can make requests (such as backlinks and specific imagery), but ultimately, we are not the publishers.


How we charge

  • We charge per article, according to its tier. That’s double bubble if an article is both online and print (unless it’s a “surprise” article).
  • We charge per article that supports the marketing goals that are documented on your Monday.com board prior to being published.
  • We set a ‘cap’ of £600 on each press release or press opportunity. That means that even if you get 50 articles from one press release – you’ll only pay a maximum of £600. It’s rare, but the cap is there to protect you in case the media goes wild for you. 
  • We charge for each article you’re mentioned in, whether it’s one-line or a double page spread with you on the cover; with or without a backlink. It’s not about the content of the article or the length.
  • If additional articles are published from press opportunities you’ve previously agreed to – we class these as ‘surprise’ articles and charge £50 per ‘surprise’ article regardless of the tier. These instances are rare, but can occur if a publication repeatedly features you, or another journalist or publication features you, or if the originally-signed-off article was set to be online but also comes out in print or vice versa. Surprise articles are subject to the cap and are only chargeable if they tick your goals box.
  • Any published articles you get from a journalist contacting you from our efforts are chargeable.


Paying us

  • Invoices are payable via debit or credit card and processed via Stripe. We can accept bank transfer but prefer card payments for ease.
  • VAT is added to all of our fees.
  • If an invoice is unpaid for more than 14 days, we may cancel our partnership and you will forgo your deposit.
  • You will have to cover the costs incurred by us to recover any overdue balance.



  • If you sign up with our ‘first articles on us’ offer, your first chargeable article is free! This doesn’t include ‘surprise’ articles published as a result (just the initial piece).


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