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generational pr

Scrolling through Twitter, you’re almost guaranteed to see three things: a broadsheet think-piece berating Brexit, a tweet complaining about the weather, and a headline blaming millennials about something new. After their vicious murder spree of straws, the diamond industry, and bars of soap, millennials only kill things in cold blood.

But if you put the millennial in the police line-up, was it actually the millennial? Or the Baby Boomer? Gen X-er? Gen Y? Gen Z?

Understanding how brands can “resonate” or “connect” with a generation is instrumental to the success of a campaign.

Here are the main characteristics of each so-called generation and how to best target them.

  • Baby Boomers – born 1946 to 1964 – we tend to think of baby boomers as not particularly savvy with memes and slang, but as those with the biggest bucks to spend (especially on food, clothes and holidays) and are (shock) the most online.

How to target them? Search engines are their hunting ground (and avoid mentioning their age!)

  • Gen X – are born between 1966-79 – are home owners who love brands even more than they do emails, so they’re likely to be subscribed to multiple newsletters and are always willing to lend a ‘like’ to that post on social media.

How to target them? Gen X live for Facebook (more than 80% on Gen X are on there), and newsletters are a key tool for remarketing to them.

  • Gen Y – born between 1980-1994 – otherwise called the Millennials, are more in tune to innovative and engaging marketing that inspires rather than blatantly sells. Social media is key here and so is reaching out to them in ways they might not expect – such as interacting with their social media posts.

How to target them? They love the next big thing and they make their choices through Instagram posts and reviews (68% won’t make a decision without looking at reviews). They are very likely to participate in loyalty awards.

  • Gen Z – born between 1995-2012 – as the globally-minded folks that are at the forefront of changing how brands engage with consumers.

How to target them? They’re on social media almost constantly and think print is pretty much dead. Digital video and instantaneity are incredibly important (they watch 68 videos a day on average – so get to the point quickly). Cementing that online relationship with them and using video and powerful photography is the best way to grab their attention. They also love influencers – so get some endorsements and celeb friends. They love experiences not products.

While these generational terms are starting to look like alphabet soup, knowing the differences between them can make or break the effectiveness of your campaign.

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Jordan Baker


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