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There is a common misconception in today’s world of technology that people hate adverts on websites and social media pages. Contrary to this, many reports have shown that customers don’t actually mind adverts that much – they just don’t want to see irrelevant ones.

Remarketing can be an excellent way to boost the relevance and personalisation of adverts displayed for potential consumers. But what is remarketing and how can it help you?

Remarketing involves targeting customers who have already viewed something on your website or may have taken an interest in one of your products. It’s a handy tool for re-engaging customers who might have been browsing pages on your site, but did not follow through with purchasing anything or signing up to services.

Remarketing programs, such as Facebook’s ‘Pixel’, allow you to track pages on your website and see how your website visitors are behaving. For example, many brands will track their shopping cart pages, so they can target those who abandon their carts without purchasing anything – have you ever seen an ad from Amazon on Facebook right after you’ve visited?

Once you have identified your targets, you can then display specialised adverts promoting the products they already viewed. These adverts become highly personalised and promote items that people already showed an interest in, increasing their relevance.

Audiences appreciate remarketing adverts because they remind them of products and brands they had been interested in before – both boosting new customers and retaining people who’ve given you business beforehand. It’s a clever way to stay in touch with customers, both current, past, and future. And the best part is? It costs hardly nothing – if you’re clever with your approach.

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Jordan Baker

Jordan Baker


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