What’s the secret sauce for generating tons of leads and cash using social media lead ads?

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Lead ads are a type of remarketing ad you can do using Facebook’s advertising platform. In essence, it’s an advert that you send to targeted demographics or previous users of your website (what we’d recommend) with an offer – interested parties can then fill in a short form for you to contact them.

Sounds lucrative, eh? It can be. Some of our clients are getting 25+ leads a day with quite reasonable traffic levels (300 users a day). Typically, 20% of these leads convert in 7 days – that’s 35 new customers (and some of our clients are selling £5,000 products / services). These leads can cost as little as 40p each.

So, what’s the secret?

  • You want traffic – tons and tons of it. You’re ‘remarketing’ to your website users (people who actually know who you are) and so you want a gigantic pool to fish from. We’d recommend that your Facebook Pixel has tracked 35,000+ page views (remember – it only tracks the last 6 months, and it won’t track historic data).
  • Target users from your key pages (contact us, cart, check out, your product and services page), not all website traffic.
  • Offers – trial different offers, make them low value – just get the customers through your door / buying. It’s easier to catch fish than whales – and you’ll catch more fish with this broad approach (and for cheaper).
  • Graphics – use graphics (not photos) for the ad creative and be sure that they’re eye catching. But be careful of the text amount, as the more text, the less Facebook will like your ad and the pricier it will be. If more than 20% of your graphic is text and your ad won’t run at all.
  • In our experience small bursts of budgets over a week or so tend to work better – trial different offers for £40 for one week and see how they do.
  • Test, test, test – trial different key page users, offers and budgets and see what resonates.

Can’t be bothered? Let us do it for you. Check out our Social media lead ads service here

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