Which PR model works for me?

For flexibility, we offer two PR models for small businesses: 

£50/month retainer (inc. VAT)

We’ll pitch you opportunities that are relevant to your business (using the topics and keywords you tell us about). We’ll send these regular opportunities straight to your inbox and you can either reply with details or ignore. 

These opportunities included commenting on key topics, news or trends, being interviewed; and having your products featured in a line-up. We’ll then manage any correspondence with the journalist and let you know if the piece if published / aired. 

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Pay Per Results PR

This is the meatier option. With this model, we have taken a punt on you, so your dedicated Partnership Manager will get to know your business and your goals before setting to work on securing articles that help achieve your marketing goals. 

There’s no commitment or retainer, you just pay for each article according to where it was placed (£50-£250+VAT/each). 

There’s just a small deposit of £250+VAT to pay. Want to leave? Your deposit will be returned to your card. As with our retainer model, we’ll come to you regularly with the same opportunities to be in the press but we’ll also do other PR activities (where relevant) – such as writing information sheets. 

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- Retainer Model Pay Per Results PR

Dedicated Partnership Manager

No (but our customer service team is there to help)

Catch up calls



£50/month (inc. VAT) (cancel at any time)

Guaranteed Press


Cost of two articles in a month

Covered in retainer
£100-£500 (+VAT)

Open to everyone?

No, as we are taking on all the risk,we'll need to do a call with you to make sure we are the right fit for each other