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Anyone who runs a small business today knows how important social media is – but anyone with their wits about them knows it’s not a one-size-fits-all game. Just as not all businesses are chasing the same customers, not all social platforms are useful for the same reasons. So, are you go about formulating your social strategy, it pays (literally!) to know what the differences are and how to work with them. 

Here are the top 5 social platforms you need to master:

  • Facebook – its algorithms can be a bit complicated at times but keeping up with the latest news from Facebook is crucial. It’s still a major destination for most of the internet’s users, and a well-formatted, up-to-date business page is one of the best ways to make yourself permanently visible and reachable. Facebook is also a powerhouse when it comes to advertising – with over 2 billion users, the reach is incredible.

  • Twitter – if Facebook is about presence, Twitter is about interaction. So, define your brand’s tone of voice and start scheduling tweets right away. Tweet regularly, but not so often that you look like you’re spamming – and if your customers tweet at you, make sure to respond appropriately and quickly. Especially if they’re less than happy…

  • Snapchat – mobile-based, Snapchat’s user base is younger than that of many other platforms; these are the digital natives whose clicks and attention you badly need. Youngsters are highly addicted to their phones – use this to your advantage and start building an impression as soon as you can.

  • Instagram – even if what you’re selling isn’t a primarily visual product, you can’t beat Instagram for brand-building. This is where you get to show off your product and/or your people in the most gorgeous light possible. Just make sure the pictures you post are as high-quality and modelled by real-world people.

  • LinkedIn – primarily used by business owners as a ‘professional’ way of communicating, this network is a great tool for B2B companies. LinkedIn offers several unique features compared to other social networks – in addition to increasing search visibility, potential employees can apply directly through the app making it a recruitment agency of sorts

Jordan Baker