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Now in our fifth year (as of this time of writing) we’ve seen and done it all. We’ve worked with over 650 clients (many of whom we still work with), we’re worked with one-person bands and big corporations, new businesses and long-established institutions, and newly famous influencers to seasoned cover stars. All in London and in New York City.

With thousands of articles, TV appearances and endorsements under our belts – we like to think we know what we are doing and how to get that all-important coverage.

So why today should businesses spend thousands of pounds and hours of their precious time employing a PR agency on a retainer? An agency with no skin in the game beyond getting that next contract renewal. And why should PR be so pricey? 

Admittedly, decades ago – before email and the internet, PR was a game of relationship building. Clients were paying for not only a PR’s expertise but most importantly – their rolodex.

In today’s world, anyone can buy software, journalist lists or simply do a google search and can send out a press release. Equally, as journalists drown under more and more pressure to publish online content – they don’t have time power lunches and PR’s personal pitches. Yet PR doesn’t seem to get any cheaper – which ironically doesn’t reflect the fact that PR is becoming less and less powerful. 

With the invent of the web, there’s more publications than ever before – consumers are bombarded with articles, news, links, videos. It’s easy to see why PR is no longer the ace in the hole it used to be.

So that brings us back to the original question – why Pay Per Result PR services? Easy, our clients get exactly what they pay for – coverage. 

Our business model runs on long term relationship building. That is why our fees are low and our services generate results – either individually or as part of our Sanity Method.

That means happy clients who see value each month – and who introduce us to their friends.

It also means we have plenty of experts, news stories and review opportunities to offer our journalist friends. That’s why they like us so much. Influencers like us for the same reason.

So why Pay Per Results PR services? Because we are Sanity Marketing and we are putting the sanity into small business marketing.

Remember, all our PR services are Pay Per Results – reach out to see if we can help you here

Jordan Baker